Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Shirt Cuff Bracelets By: Stefi Luca

Shirt Cuff Bracelets

By: Stefi Luca

    Tun the cuffs of a man's shirt into adorable cuff bracelets with this sewing tutorial from Stefi Luca. If you have refashioned the shirt into a cute dress, you don't need to throw away the cuffs!

Shirt Cuff Bracelets

  • shirt cuffs
  • bias tape
  • a decorative button
  • some ribbon or lace or any other fabric
  1. Sew the bias tape along the edge of the cuff.

  2. Remove the existing button and replace it with a decorative one.

  3. Add a ruffled strip of fabric on the center (ribbon, lace or any other fabric that you like). Here you have a blue and pink cuff braceletor a blue and red cuff bracelet.

This a very easy sewing project for a beginner and at the same time a fun way to express your fashion sense.
Shirt Cuff BraceletShirt Cuff Bracelet

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