Friday, February 3, 2012

She's been talking in her sleep....

This has nothing to do with sewing, but it is just "sew" like me!

My husband Jeff says I talk in my sleep. While that's not unusual, it's the quality of what I say that is interesting. Night before last, I was talking away, obviously having a conversation with someone, when he heard me say, "That's special birdseed. It's what we feed the kangaroos!"

Conversation with my brother Mike after he read this post:
Mike: I didn't know kangaroos were native to that area of Texas... are you starting up another venture?
Me: Apparently.
Mike: So.. what's it called? Wollman's Kangaroo and Birdseed Farms of Texas?
Me: I was thinking more like Birdseed-In-A-Pouch. Or maybe Pockets-Of-Birdseed.
Mike: How about Hopalong Birdseed? Maybe you should consider starting a zoo.
Me: No. Zoos are out of fashion. Maybe an animal preserve. No. Judy (Mike's wife) does the preserves. Ask her if she needs any kangaroo or birdseed.
Mike: So you're looking for a recipe for seedless kangaroo preserves?
Me: Actually, it would be better if we could combine the kangaroo and birdseed. We could call the preserves Australian Jumping Beans. Oh, wait. They're seeds. Does she have a recipe for kangaroo and beans? Maybe we should ask Mom. She's older, so she is wiser. What do you think?
Mike: Well, the last time we tried raising kangaroos, we didn't have much luck. Casey (his son) thinks we may have planted them too deep... but I think we're just too far north. As far as birdseeds, we have a flock of Rhode Island Reds that lay eight to ten seeds a day, but when we planted those, they didn't come up either.

Yeah, I think you'd better ask Mom about a good recipe. She could be wiser than we.

UPDATE: Mike said he's planting dogwood this year so he can get some puppies.

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