Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Make it Monday... on Tuesday

Did it again. Forgot it was Monday until it was almost Tuesday. I think I'm gonna have to tell myself the goal is Make-it Sunday, so I'll have it up by Monday. :(

My Craftsy group meets the last Wednesday evening of every month, and last time we were talking about making our own name tags that would not only give our names, but help define us, too. It's lovely looking at people's crafts and learning a bit about who they are! So I'm going to show you mine, and give you some hints on how to make one yourself.

1) Choose a shape. I chose round, because it is such a whole shape (or a hole shape!(; ). You can choose any shape you want because it needs to reflect who you are.

2) Gather your materials. This one is wide open. Maybe you want to sew yours, maybe to paint it, or stamp it. I wanted mixed media.

3) Go to it! Use the shape as a canvas to tell the world not only what your name is, but who you are as well.

4) Can other people tell something about you from your tag? I hope so.

I used a small embroidery hoop; an old one with a bent-metal spring at the top.

Here's what it looked like when the first piece had been positioned
and I had covered it with Modge Podge.

After it dried, the Modge Podge was crystal-clear, and the piece
was now protected.

Here's the final result. The dress has a button at the top, and there is string swirling all around the whole area. A pin with four girls dancing was pinned to the bottom. Half-rounds left over from another project were glued to the bottom of the hoop, and a button held the strings from a
small tag that has my name on both sides. Last, I tied a gorgeous old satin ribbon around the
spring at the top and made a "necklace" out of it. I can't wait to wear it to the next meeting!

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