Monday, February 13, 2012

Make It Like Me Monday

Ha! Monday, and here's the tutorial for this week. (For once I made it on Monday instead of Tuesday!)

Make a two-colored headband (turban style)

Start with 2 pieces of contrasting fleece 22" long (or the circumference of your head) x 4".

Lay one down one way and the other crossing a little to the left of midpoint, perpendicular to the first, so it forms a cross. Then fold the first one over the second one.

Next fold the second strip over the first strip...
...and twist so that they connect like this:
Then stack all four ends together and pin. Sew all four layers, clip threads, and turn right side out. Here you see the seam from the inside.

And—voila! You've made another variation on my updated vintage headband!

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