Monday, March 26, 2012

Make it Monday: Glasses Case Tutorial and Pattern

What you will need:
2 pieces of fabric measuring 9” x 11”
1 piece of batting, fleece, or flannel 9” x 11”
hook and loop closure
sewing machine
thread (matching or contrast)
pencil or fabric pen

First, stack your fabric like this: bottom, fabric right side down; middle,batting; top, fabric right side up. Trace around the pattern on the top piece of fabric and then pin the layers together. Don’t cut it out yet!

Using the line you drew, set your sewing machine to sew a narrow zig-
zag stitch and sew all the way around the pattern on the line. Now cut it
out, staying as close to the stitching as possible without cutting the stitches.

Next, fold it in half long ways, so you have a long, narrow piece. With
the longest piece on the bottom, sew with a straight stitch the two sides
to make the pocket.

Sew hook and loop closure onto the flap at the top so that it closes the

Now you’re done! Easy-peasy, huh?

You are welcome to make these and sell them, but please don't sell the pattern itself. Thanks!

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