Monday, January 23, 2012

Make It Monday: The Stacked Button Rose Headband

Okay, I was having a bad hair day, and needed to cover at least some of it up! Loving retro like I do, I thought of the beautiful hats and headbands that ladies in the 20s and 30s wore, and decided that I could fix it.

There are lots of tutorials on making gathered fabric flowers, so I'm just going to pretend that we have one the color I need (In fact, I do!)

(OTS, do you ever get so tired at your computer that you fall asleep and keep on typing? The only way I know it's happened is because what I write makes no sense. So now mu son the critic will "give me a talking to" about writing when I'm so tired! Anyway, if something pops into the sentence that obviously shouldn't be there, please send it home with some chocolate chip cookies and a pat on the head. Or run downstairs and feed your dogs and grab the kettle cooked potato chips your hubby bought you and swear you'll only eat a few. It all helps you stay awake.)

Okay, so here's how you make the headband. You need a large or extra-large tee shirt in a color you like. Mine's purple. Measure a four inch width that encircles the whole sleeve. Here, like this:
then cut it off. You should have a tube shape with a seam on one side.Next, find your ruffled flower and set it aside. I wanted one that matched the headband, so I just made it out of a bit of the tee.

Now the coup de gras! The button rose! I simply used various shades of purple (lilac, lavender, if you prefer) in graduated sizes, and sewed them to the center of the flower. Finally, attach the whole flower to the headband so that it covers the seam and you are done. Easy-peasy.  (I like easy, 'cause I can watch episodes of my favorite tv shows on half of my screen while I do something else on the other half—like this tutorial—or hand stitch something (yes, I like to hand stitch, but then again, I also like grammar!)

I hope this "tutorial" wasn't hard to follow. If you have any questions, please ask, and I'll try to get a pdf up soon.

Until next Monday, then... have a good one!

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